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Post-Industrial Landscape
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No, I am not THAT Aimee Walton.

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Hmm, course results have started coming in. Just received an email from my tutor with the results of the Electronic Music Production Module of my course. I really am my own worst enemy, I worked sooo hard through the first part of the year, and I've just let it all fall through my fingers at the end. This one isn't disastrous, I've passed, but I know there's worse to come in other modules.

With this module I failed to submit the final one of three coursework assignments, I got 86% and 78% for the first two, highest marks in the class. The first being the 3 tracks I posted on here, and the second being to give a talk on the Suzanne Vega track Blood Makes Noise, not bad marks for someone that considers herself mediocre at best when it comes to music. But failing to submit the last one drags my overall mark down to 59.3%, which still puts me 3rd out of 11 people in the group, coming 3rd in the class when I only submitted 2/3 of the work is pretty damn good, but I'm not interested in beating other people. I know that 59.3% does not represent what I am capable of, 86% and 78% do but all anyone will see now is the 59.3%, if I could have just put in a little effort at the end ... instead I loosened my grip and let it fall from my grasp, again.

I can make excuses about being stressed about the operation and stuff, but it just doesn't wash, I had the time, I have the skills there is no excuse, I should have got that work done. The assignment was to produce a soundscape of a passage from Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5, something which I would normally really enjoy doing, yet I just went blank.

This course was supposed to be about me putting right the mistakes I made 1st time round, yet history is repeating, if I screw this up I will never forgive myself. I wanted to get distinctions for everything, but not submitting work because you think you will get a crap mark is just plain stupid, I could have submitted complete rubbish for this assignment and it would still have pulled my overall mark up high enough for the module.

Extenuating circumstances be damned, I don't care what other shit I have going on in my life, this was supposed to be about proving to myself above anyone else what I can do, and in that I've failed.

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I just discovered there's a floor underneath all the clothes in my bedroom. I always wondered what was holding my bed up.

I must be the world's most untidy neat freak. I am my own nemesisis.
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OOOOOOOhhhhhh I so want to hit something right now. As if everything wasn't screwed up enough at the moment. Just found out that Peter Gabriel is doing a concert at the Eden Project, which got me extremely excited, we never get artists of that calibre down here, and he is just incredible. Even if your not a fan of his music, a live performance by Peter Gabriel has to be seen, he's such a showman it's just indescribable, and with Eden as a backdrop, well, that's just going to be stunning.

So, I check the date, JUNE 20th, right in the middle of when I'm in hospital. That's almost enough to cancel the operation for. Damn, I think I'm going to go cry now.

(Sorry, YouTube sound quality is crap).

Listening to: Peter Gabriel - Growing Up

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1st Class Saver Return, Penzance to London Paddington = £209

1st Class Saver Returns, Penzance to Liskeard, and Liskeard to London Paddington (Same train two tickets) = £202

Not a huge difference in this case, but £7 is £7 :)

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Funny :)
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It's just occurred to me that by the time my Mum was my age, she'd got married, had two kids, the first of whom, my sister, had sadly died at 6 months old, and was about 4 months pregnant with me. Jeez, I've had an easy but boring life, and also achieved absolutely nothing in comparison, I can barely look after myself properly let alone a family.

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Hmm, if I tell my bathroom scales I'm a girl they say I'm 20.7% fat, if I tell it I'm a guy it tells me I'm only 10.8% fat. Can I sue a household appliance for sex discrimination?

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Seeing as I'm not getting anything done on what I should be doing, I thought I'd post what I submitted for my last assignment. The brief was to produce three one minute pieces of music. Everything on these is me, apart from the lead guitar on the blues one, and drums on the DnB which are sampled loops, and the vocal on the DnB which is my computer singing.

The first was to make a Drum and Bass version of Message in a Bottle (though mine turned out more like trance than DnB) ...

There's also a another older version of it here that I think I prefer, but is more trancey ...

The second was a 12-bar blues ...

... and the third was "Dubstep", which it seems no one has ever heard of, and every example of it seems to be completely different, but this is my take on it ...

None of them are brilliant, but at least it's what I should be doing on a Sound Engineering course.

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Listening to: See above.

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